If a wedding card is the face of the marriage, we ensure that it’s the most beautiful face. From a design emitting the age-old tradition to the one wrapped in the exquisite cover of modernity, or a rightful blend of both, we have the expertise to deliver the every single choice. In simple words, your wedding card shall echo your emotions!


A fleet of vehicles is always pressed into your service to make things convenient for you, throughout the ceremony. We also arrange travel across India, thanks to our tie-ups with leading airlines.


While you vow to offer your lifetime to the love of your life, we can gift you with one ‘last’ wackiest night of unwinding with friends. Live bands, DJs, film music and… belly dancers! You have it all. Bring out the craziest streak in you for a night you would either like to never forget or remember.

LET THE RELATIONSHIP BLOOM Flowers have always epitomized love, celebration and relationship! From the best of roses to the rarest in the world, we have it all. Let the beauty of your relationship bloom in the fragrance of togetherness while we give your life a flowery touch with our floral arrangements.

CAPTURE YOUR MOMENTS OF LOVE Recreate those iconic Bollywood moments with your significant other at a glamorous professional photo-shoot!

BRIDAL SHOWERIf the groom has a bachelor’s party to unwind with his pals, the bride has the bridal shower in her kitty to enjoy with her gang of girls. A bridal shower session can turn out to be fun where a naughty gift-giving session can mark the onset of a successful marriage.