Om Developers welcome you to its Investor relation section and extends its gratitude to all those who have shown an interest in properties in Ahmedabad and other areas. At Om Builders we have a very efficient team handling investor relations which endeavours to provide corporate information to all our stakeholders with transparency, accuracy and within a specific time frame.
NRI investment in real estate regulated by fema

All NRI investments in real estate or immovable properties are considered as transactions that get regulated under the FEMA. This is essentially because an NRI would be dealing with foreign exchange. It is considered to be a type of transaction which is bound to have some international financial implication. The current account transactions or capital account transactions of the NRI which are used to make investments in real estate thus get automatically regulated under FEMA. Current Account Transaction consists of payments due as interest on loans and net income from investments.

Capital account transactions

Capital Account Transactions means transactions which alters the assets or liabilities, including contingent liabilities outside India of an NRI. It includes transactions involving acquisitions or transfers of immovable property outside India, other than a lease not exceeding five years by an NRI or a resident, remittances outside India of capital assets of an NRI and foreign currency accounts in India of a person resident outside India. Even deposits between a person resident in India and a person resident outside India are considered as capital account transactions.

Our Team

Ashish Patel

Project Coordinator

I’m sure that without your guidance we would still be trying to finalize what proved to be a very difficult closing. Your firm has provided us with what proved sound advice and guidance.

Praavinkumar B Patel

Project Handler

Thanks for being so patient with my diverse ideas along the journey and for your
professional and up-to-date knowledge and advice. I was very happy with the way
things turned out and especially for bringing the last two offers together to
get the best one.

Ramechandrabhai Nimje

Project Manager

After initially searching and visiting few property agents and being frustrated with the lack of progress, we took a friend’s advice and contacted you – and the rest as they say is history as the results speak for them.

Umeshbhai Gandhi

Senior Architect

We found your staff much skilled to be helpful, professional and businesslike and would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to anyone.