Certificate / Awards

The Ahmedabad Film City has been honored with awards and certification right through the journey of development since number of years.

These certificates reflect the company's self-motivated urge to maintain high standards in quality and deliverance of customer satisfaction.

Awards received by AFC

Fast (rapidly growing) development firm We have adopted fast and fresh approach that was needed for companies looking to create new ventures and development. We offer a unique combination of luxury and amenities with expertise that enables us to be the alternative of big firms.

Working for Green city Project – dominated firm Our annual Project GREEN Garden is featured in five beautiful garden residential near Ahmedabad district. These Projects including ours will facilitate indoor games, play grounds, garden, meandering walkways, ponds, and much more.

Leading & Growing – prominent Business Company The company is based on the fundamental principle of reliability and is therefore investing heavily in research and development and has outstanding vertical integration, guaranteeing optimum levels of quality in building construction and villa development sites.

Certification of AFC

Real Estate firm Becoming a real estate company is alike to starting a business for society. Even though you'll work within a big objective and at vast network of real estate circle, you need a startup fund for business expenses and to cover several months of operative expenses while you build your client base. As a firm we are good enough to take wise steps, and caring our client for future betterment.

Urban development scheme certification Gujarat is one of the mainly urbanized states in India. As per the provisional statistics of the census 2011, total 2.57 cr.(42.58 % population) persons are living in the Urban areas of Gujarat. The cities in Gujarat are growth engines.

With a view to meeting a vital issue of providing holistic facilities to the urban people in view of fast urbanization, building of beautiful, clean, developmental and vibrant cities and keeping the necessities of all inclusive growth into account. We are also a leading contributors and willing to dominate more for housing schemes.

Plotting scheme certification Created in nature's lavish lap, AFC is a perfect escape from the busy city life. You will feel rejuvenated and calm once you enter here. AFC is your ticket to luxurious farm house in the lap of nature or in better word, an ideal holiday lasting forever. Come, begin your future in the neighbourhood of singing birds and musical winds.

Business volunteers certificates Many businesses tell us they'd very much like to get involved with local projects and give something back to the community, if only they had the resources to organize it. Some want an ongoing partnership where they can help a charity using their specialized field, others are looking for one day projects that the whole company can take part in. We are leading volunteering firm to help people in affordable development.